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BeSeen Malaysia is the #1 protects the eyes through the brain and is the latest generation of eye nutrition. Scientific research has shown that the eyes and brain are interconnected, and boosting brain health can help improve eye function.

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3 Major International Patented Ingredients

Wild Bilberry

Using wild bilberry sourced from Northern Europe, contains anthocyanins that are 4 times higher than regular blueberries. It increases the activity of eye cells, protects blood vessels, improves blood circulation, enhances eye moisture, and improves night vision.

Free Lutein

Not ordinary lutein, is enhanced version of lutein! Rich in lutein and zeaxanthin extracted from marigolds, this supplement can protect the retina and macula, filter harmful blue light and ultraviolet rays, and prevent vision loss and degeneration.


It is a structural component of cells, which can reduce mental stress, improve concentration and memory, effectively relieve symptoms of dementia, and enhance overall brain function. Experiments show that 79 elderly people can control & relieve 40% of Alzheimer's disease after taking it for 60 days!

+5 Major Auxiliary Ingredient

Designed to enhance well-being with five key auxiliary ingredients. Our meticulously chosen elements are scientifically proven to support overall health, from bolstering immunity to promoting vitality and more. Experience a new level of wellness with every dose.

What this product help with?

  • Dry Eye Improvement
  • Reduction of Floaters
  • Cataract Prevention
  • Glaucoma Prevention
  • Improved Eyesight
  • Protective Effect Against Blue Light
  • Memory Improvement
  • Relief of Neck & Shoulder Pain
  • Strengthening of Brain Cell Function

What our customers' saying

Testimonials @BeSeen
Reviews @BeSeen
Shirlyn Ma
I've tried various eye supplements, but BeSeen works best! 7-8 hours of work a day caused issues like floaters, redness and nighttime blurriness. After BeSeen, redness improved in days, eyes aren't dry and floaters reduced in the second week. Tasty too! BeSeen is my perfect eye supplement.
Boo Ju
I had dry eyes, itchy eyes and often rubbed eyes. After one course of BeSeen improved dryness, reduced itchiness, and my eyes no longer get tired . My top eye care choice, recommended to friends for relief from eye discomforts.
My eyes tired easily, night vision hazed, and wavy distortions alarmed me. Discovered BeSeen on Facebook, tried in 5 days, noticed reduced fatigue, clearer vision, no more waviness. Mom took it too, floaters improved. Continuing for better eye health, highly recommend!
My eyes often feel dry, and I rely on eye drops for relief. I tried BeSeen on the first day, I noticed a reduction in dryness and fatigue. I now use eye drops less frequently and I will continue using BeSeen to improve my eye health.
Yee Zi
During the pandemic, online classes made my eyes feel dry eye. Just half an hour on the computer would lead to dryness and even tearing up. In the 2 week of taking BeSeen, now use the computer and phone for hours without experiencing dryness, fatigue, or tearing up. I highly recommend it for improving eye health!
John Son
I have presbyopia, reading things up close can be very blurry. I have to wear presbyopia glasses to see clearly.I bought 2 boxes BeSeen to try,after drinking 1 box, I noticed that the text on my phone is no longer so blurry! I often get tired and tearing up around noon, but I don't have that feeling anymore! I just an order for 3 boxes.
11 years ago, laser eye surgery fixed my myopia, but caused floaters. Extensive phone use for work led to eye fatigue and early presbyopia and astigmatism.I've been taking BeSeen for 1 week, my eyes are less tired, my astigmatism is better, and there are fewer floaters.Thanks, BeSeen!
Mrs Tan
In June, my mom diagnosed with macular degeneration and received injections. She took 2 BeSeen sachets daily. In Sept, her follow-up amazed the doctor, congestion mostly gone. By Oct, no more injections, full recovery. Now, for maintenance, she takes 1 BeSeen sachet daily.
I had a slight presbyopia, and it was a bit challenging to drive at night. If I didn't get enough sleep, my eyes would feel extremely dry in the morning. After a month of BeSeen, my presbyopia improved, dry morning eyes vanished, and night driving became clear. Remarkable results in a month. Very satisfied! Thanks, BeSeen!
After a month of BeSeen, my myopia improved from -125° to 100° , and astigmatism from -100° to 50° . I can now go glass-free and the key is that it won't rebound even if I stop! I'll recommend it to friends and family. Thanks BeSeen, for long-term savings and a better me!

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