WarmWood Eye Patch

BeSeen WormWood Eye Patches combine beneficial ingredients for the eyes, deeply moisturizing the skin around the eyes, soothing eye fatigue, reducing dark circles and puffiness, and minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Whether it's prolonged use of electronic devices, high work-related stress, or the natural aging process, they all can affect the health of the skin around the eyes

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Usage Method

3 Simple Step to relieve a day's fatigue and enjoy it to the fullest.

Step 1

Clean the eye area with clear water.

Step 2

Take out 2 eye patches, the eye patches are not distinguished between the front and back

Step 3

Close your eyes and apply the eye patch to the eye area,remove eye patch after 15 minutes. (Can be used 1-3 times per day)

WormWood Eye Patch Ingredients

Relieves and refreshes tired eyes in a cool and refreshing manner!This eye patch gives a cool and refreshing sensation when applied to the eyes, and comfortable feeling lasts for approximately 10-15 minutes.

What this product help with?

  • Diminish Dark Circles & Fine Lines
  • Improve Eye Bags & Redness
  • No more Tired or Dry Eyes
  • Fall Sleep in 3 Minutes Until Morning
  • Increase Eye Moisture
  • Enhance Eye Blood Circulation

Relieve Eye Fatigue Anytime, Anywhere.

Afternoon Nap and Overtime

Office lunch break essential.

Relax at home

When your eyes feel tired.

For Business Trips or Travel

Relaxation during tiring car journeys.

What our customer's saying

Reviews @BeSeen Eye Patch
Hui Xin
After trying these eye patches, I'm hooked, especially in hot weather. They're delightfully cool and carry a pure mugwort fragrance. I apply them during lunch naps without fail! In just 10 minutes, they revive my tired eyes.
Yixuan Tang
The results are truly astonishing! I spend 7 hours working on the computer, so I bought this to alleviate eye fatigue. After consistent use, my eyes no longer get tired easily and surprisingly, the redness has significantly reduced!
Joyee Tam
I've finally found the ice eye patches that suit me, and I've been using them consistently until now. You can see that my eye bags have significantly lightened! I look younger now! The skin around my eyes has become tender and smooth, it's hard not to love it!
Siew Ken
Upon opening, it has a pure mugwort scent, which is quite comforting. I used to have dry eyes and when I reached around 5 patches, I noticed that the dryness had reduced. After using around 8 patches, I found that the redness had also faded a bit!
Megan Lim
Frequent late nights worsened dark circles, especially after restless evenings. My eyes looked like panda eyes the next day, making me very tired. After a month of using eye patches, my dark circles significantly improved. I now look more refreshed, with noticeable changes!
Shelly Lee
For those who spend long hours on a computer like me, give this a shot. After a week of use, my eye redness significantly decreased. I had so much redness before that it was alarming. Friends have even noticed my eyes look clearer now!
Lianne Tee
After using it for over 10 days, I noticed that my dark circles have lightened, my eyes no longer feel dry, and my fatigue has reduced. Plus, the ingredients are gentle, so you can confidently buy it, I've used it myself and it works well.
When I get home from work at night, my eyes feel tired and dry. I take out one piece eye patch and apply it and the best part is right now. All the fatigue and stress are completely gone and it feels like my entire eyes are even brighter after using it!
This eye patch is really effective. Today, I was about to use it and noticed it was the last one. I looked in the mirror and realized that my under-eye circles has significantly reduced – quite surprising! It also does a good job relieving eye fatigue!
Xiang Qing
I felt a cool sensation when I started using the eye patches, and after 2 weeks, I could clearly see that my dark circles had lightened significantly. Especially on the 9 day, my dark circles changed from dark brown to a more normal skin tone color!

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Ice-cool & soothing
caring for your eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions

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