Steam Eye Mask

BeSeen Steam Eye Mask generates heat through the heating element inside the mask, reacting with the oxygen present in the air, reaching a perfect temperature of 42°C. This promotes relaxation of the skin around the eyes and enhances blood circulation. We believe that after using it, you will truly feel its comfort.

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Usage Method

3 Simple Step to relieve a day's fatigue and enjoy it to the fullest.

Step 1

Remove the folded eye mask from the pouch, unfold it and it will start heating up. Use it immediately after opening.

Step 2

Once opened, you can hang it on your ears.

Step 3

The heat will last for approximately 25-30 minutes, and you can remove it when the temperature decreases.

Eye Mask Ingredient

Relieves and refreshes tired eyes with abundance of steam heart! Gentle steam envelopes your eyes and helps to relax your mood and brighten your eyes. Superior soft and gentletexture for a more comfortable feeling.Disposable eye mask makes it convenient and hygienic to use.Ear straps prevent slipping and cater to usage in any position.

What this product help with?

  • Diminish Dark Circles & Fine Lines
  • Improve Eye Bags & Redness
  • No more Tired or Dry Eyes
  • Fall Sleep in 3 Minutes Until Morning
  • Increase Eye Moisture
  • Enhance Eye Blood Circulation

Relieve Eye Fatigue Anytime, Anywhere.

Relax at home

When your eyes feel tired.

For Business Trips or Travel

Relaxation during tiring car journeys.

Afternoon Nap and Overtime

Office lunch break essential.

What our customer's saying

Reviews @BeSeen
Alice Tan
Because of frequently staying up late, my dark circles were very deep. I tried this incredibly comfortable eye mask for the 10th day, and wow! The dark circles have noticeably lightened! My entire eyes look much more vibrant! It has a subtle chamomile scent, which smells delightful!
Yann Tang
Despite being in my early 20 years old, my large under-eye bags made people think I was in my 30 years old. With a mindset of giving it a try, I didn't expect that it would actually improve my significant eye bags! Now, I appear younger!
Jia Min
Working in front of a computer and phone all day, my eyes often felt fatigued and I noticed an increase in redness. After using the steam eye mask for 7 days, the redness reduced! I apply a piece during my lunch break to relieve fatigue,it feels very comfortable.
Hui Ting
I had crow's feet around my eyes, and initially, I didn't pay much attention to them. However, they seemed to be getting deeper over time, and I couldn't stand it anymore. So, I decided to try the steam eye mask, and my crow's feet have really faded a lot! Look younger now!
Arcie Lim
I'm a cheerful person, but my smile lines and rough eye skin made me hesitate to smile. After using the steam eye mask for a month, my eyes lines faded and I'm satisfied with refined eye skin!
Liyin Koh
I finally say goodbye to dark circles! Before using steam eye mask, my eyes looked like panda eyes. After one treatment of steam eye masks, my dark circles have noticeably lightened, and I no longer need to use thick concealer to cover them!
Grace Ong
My eyes had red bloodshot veins, making me look very tired. After the steam eye mask for 2 weeks, the redness significantly reduced and my eyes looked more vibrant! It feels comfortably warm when applied!
Jing Jing
I've tried many steam eye masks, but Good Comfort showed results the fastest. After 8 days of using it, my dark circles have significantly lightened! This is already my 3rd repurchase, and I will continue using it.
Jamie Gan
In less than a month, the milia around my eyes have visibly disappeared! The skin around my eyes has become smooth, and I use it twice a week. The results showed up really quickly!
Jia Sin
I've always had very pronounced under-eye bags, to the point where they seemed as big as my eyes themselves. After using the steam eye mask for a month, I suddenly noticed in the mirror that my under-eye bags had significantly faded. Looking at myself now, I've become more confident.

Frequently Asked Questions

Steam away eye fatigue
easily fall asleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

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