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11 years ago, laser eye surgery fixed my myopia, but caused floaters. Extensive phone use for work led to eye fatigue and early presbyopia and astigmatism.I've been taking BeSeen for 1 week, my eyes are less tired, my astigmatism is better, and there are fewer floaters.Thanks, BeSeen!
Chin Siang
After vaccination, my thigh became sensitive and painful while walking. Doctor's visits helped temporarily, but the problem kept coming back. After drinking 9 sachets, my leg improved by 90%, with minor scars left. No more pain, and I can live and work normally!
Liyin Koh
I finally say goodbye to dark circles! Before using steam eye mask, my eyes looked like panda eyes. After one treatment of steam eye masks, my dark circles have noticeably lightened, and I no longer need to use thick concealer to cover them!
Siew Ken
Upon opening, it has a pure mugwort scent, which is quite comforting. I used to have dry eyes and when I reached around 5 patches, I noticed that the dryness had reduced. After using around 8 patches, I found that the redness had also faded a bit!
Emily Tan
I've tried various eye supplements, but BeSeen works best! 7-8 hours of work a day caused issues like floaters, redness and nighttime blurriness. After BeSeen, redness improved in days, eyes aren't dry and floaters reduced in the second week. Tasty too! BeSeen is my perfect eye supplement.
Isme Yumi
For 6-7 years, I struggled with chest and back acne, with no effective solution. Work stress and late nights made it worse. After 6 months, I tried Beyoung. It improved my digestion and reduced skin inflammation and pimples. Thank you, Beyoung, for making a big difference!
10 years ago, eye laser treatment worsened my eye condition, causing dryness and occasional pain. I relied on eye drops frequently, affecting my work concentration. Since using Beseen, my discomfort has reduced significantly. I now use eye drops less and can focus better at work.
Ean Choo
For a decade, I relied on reading glasses due to presbyopia, unable to see small print without them. After a week of drinking BeSeen, my vision improved significantly. Now, I can thread a needle without glasses, and my dry eyes are better!
Alice Tan
Because of frequently staying up late, my dark circles were very deep. I tried this incredibly comfortable eye mask for the 10th day, and wow! The dark circles have noticeably lightened! My entire eyes look much more vibrant! It has a subtle chamomile scent, which smells delightful!
As a frequent user of phones and computers, my eyelid twitching alarmed me. A doctor diagnosed elevated eye pressure. Fatigue often made my eyes tear up before sleep. After 20 days of BeSeen, my eye pressure dropped, no more tightness, eyes feel moist and sleep quality improved.

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