BeSeen's first event!

BeSeen's first event! Thank you to all the customers came and supported us!

On that day, attended Alpro Pharmacy's offline event with my own team, and it was our first time participating in an offline event.

For this event, our entire team really put in their best effort! We not only prepared incredibly cost-effective discounts、also brought a whole carload of gifts to share with all of you!


On that day, many people came and seeing all of you there, trying BeSeen , receiving gifts and participating in the Lucky Draw, really touched our hearts!


So touched that completely forgot about the event for these three days. The back and waist hurt from standing, and my feet and toes were sore. The throat became hoarse from talking, but all the hard work was definitely worth it!


And you guys were really lucky! Many people won big prizes, taking home a whole box of BeSeen. There was even one customer who was so lucky that they spun it twice and won BeSeen both times, buying three boxes and walking away with five! Haha! Everyone left with a full load, it was really worth it!


You truly provide us with great encouragement! It gives us more motivation to help more people improve their eye health!

Because of all of you, more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of protecting their eyes!

Our first offline event, we hope you enjoyed it! In the future, we will continue to hold more offline events, allowing more customers to see the most authentic us and bring more value to everyone! Stay tuned!

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